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Angela Gholson 23 Dec 2016
Nice, friendly, people who will work with you in a crunch. They have my vote for customer satisfaction. I am pleased with the service and quality they gave me.. Will recommend anyone
4 rate
C. Gibbons 26 Sep 2016
I bought a high mileage Nissan Altima there almost 2 months ago. There was no phony hype. The salesman let us make our own decision and seemed to be honest when we asked him questions. The air conditioning needed charging and he took care of that before I picked it up the next day. The car se...ems to run very good. I'm happy with the experience at this car lot. Show more
5 rate
Roger Mason 25 Sep 2016
I was VERY happy with the Vehicle I Purchased for my Son. Took some time for my son to decide what he wanted but the salesman was Very patient and we left Satisfied .Anyone look for a good used car I highly recommend Commonwealth. I will return.
4 rate
Britny89 01 Jan 2015
Last February I bought a 98 crown Victoria with less than 122000 miles and it really is a great car.. I had one problem when I bought which was my heater core but I took it back and the gentlemen fixed it and returned my car back in a timely manner. I will be returning this year for another vehicl...e because they really treated me good. Show more
5 rate
Happy Senior 30 Mar 2014
We found a bargain on my dream car and the help we needed to finance it.
5 rate
loretta hill 13 Nov 2013
I was good when I am financially better i will return.
4 rate
Harrisonw 20 Apr 2013
First off, they're selling used cars that are cheap. These cars will have some dings and bumps and scratches. That being said these cars are cheap, but not quite as cheap as they should be. My Jetta had an issue after I bought it and I took it back, they got their service people to fix it. Of course... these are the same service people who passed its inspection to begin with. I've heard a couple other people ask how their cars got through inspection. It makes me think they should go to a different service station. Needless to say, I was happy with the car I bought for my son and I will go back. Show more
4 rate
Speranza Guarnigione 27 Feb 2013
Normally I dont bother writing a review about any 'sales' experience i have had, but I had to write something about this dealership - This is the SECOND SUV I have purchased from them and the only thing I can say about them is 'FANTASTIC'! I want someone to know how happy I am about my buying experi...ence and how honest the guy was that I spoke with. I have never had an easier ordeal and I just want to say again, Thank You for being so helpful and making me feel comfortable, AGAIN! HIGHLY recommend !! I will be back! Show more
5 rate
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